The Board of Directors of Reachfield Enterprise (Pty) Ltd  recognises that  corporate governance is vital and very important to the success of its businesses and is committed to applying the principles necessary to ensure that these are practiced in all of its business dealings in respect of its shareholders and relevant stakeholders at all times.

The Board is the focal point of the Company’s Corporate Governance system.   It is ultimately accountable and responsible for the performance and running the affairs of the Company and is also committed to achieving the highest standards of business integrity, ethics and professionalism across the Reachfield Enterprise (Pty) Ltd Group’s sphere of activities. 

The primary objective of the Reachfield Enterprise (Pty) Ltd Board Charter is to set out the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and various Board Committees of the Company, as well as the composition and processes related to key governance activities.

It will also assist the Board in the assessment of its own performance and that of its directors.

The Board appoints the following Board Committees with specific Terms of Reference to assist the Board in performing its duties and discharging its responsibilities more efficiently and effectively.

Each committee has a clearly defined mandate. The committees are:

- The Audit, Risk and IT Committee

- The Governance, Ethics, Transformation, Social and Compensation Committee

- The Human Capital Committee and Nomination Committee

Good governance and transparency enables Reachfield Enterprise (Pty) Ltd attract greater, more responsible and long term business investments. We are fully committed to upholding the highest standards of governance and transparent reporting, which is essential for creating value sustainably over the long term.