Stratification, Rollover and Handling of LNG, LPG and Other Cryogenic Liquid Mixtures (SpringerBriefs in Energy)

This short, practical book offers advice on the safe storage, handling and transportation of liquid natural gas (LNG), liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and other cryogenic fluid mixtures. It begins with a review of the physical properties of LNG and LPG, and a brief overview of basic handling and storage methods.

The chapters that follow address more in-depth topics such as heat flows in LNG and LPG storage systems, insulation techniques and surface evaporation phenomena. Two chapters are then devoted to the specific sequence of problems caused by stratification and rollover, and the techniques used to manage and alleviate these issues.

The book then considers the use of vacuum insulated tanks for the storage of pressurised LNG, and the effective transfer of liquids avoiding 2-phase flow. It concludes with a summary of safe storage and handling protocols, and addresses the specific health issues encountered when dealing with cryogenic liquid mixtures.

Throughout the book the author presents real-life case studies to illustrate the situation being discussed. Written in a practical style, it will prove an invaluable companion to anyone working with LNG, LPG or other cryogenic liquid mixtures.