Reachfield Enterprise (Pty) Ltd offers complete LNG solutions bringing clean burning natural gas power to off-grid locations and to augment pipeline supply for peak loading or emergency back-up.

Reachfield Enterprise regasification stations, also referred to as LNG Satellite Stations, are complete systems that incorporate LNG storage, vaporization, pressure regulation and control systems to deliver natural gas at the point of use.

Reachfield Enterprise has provided solutions for enterprises of all sizes and we utilize our experience and expertise by working with clients to engineer a complete system that best meets their requirements for a seamless transition to natural gas power.

Regardless of capacity, the model is essentially the same and mimics the familiar supply solution of diesel, propane and other LPGs.

Liquid fuel is delivered, typically by road, to the site where it is off-loaded and stored. The LNG virtual pipeline is the term used to describe the transport of LNG from its source, which can be an import terminal, distribution hub or liquefaction plant.

Reachfield Enterprise also manufactures the cryogenic distribution containers for road, water and rail distribution for a completely integrated, intermodal solution.

Regasification stations are configured according to any storage and demand requirements and can feature single or multiple storage tanks, which can be vertically or horizontally oriented.

However, all Reachfield Enterprise stations are modularized around shop built and tested units for reduced cost and schedule, easier installation with reduced civil and site work and to allow for capacity expansions as required.

Where there is insufficient or unreliable pipeline capacity, Reachfield Enterprise regasification stations are an excellent solution for peak-shaving to meet additional load requirements and seasonal variations, as emergency back-up during outages and for an immediate response to curtailment.

This solution is far more efficient than diesel or LPG back-up as the enterprise is simply using stored natural gas to augment pipeline natural gas and can utilize the same delivery system.

Reachfield Enterprise (Pty) Ltd LNG to power solutions in action.