Pyrolysis technology generates energy from all manner of material streams, including waste plastic, Sewage, Hospital Waste, Textiles, Carpets, Wood, Crops, Rubber and so much more… 

The Waste Market:  
The plant consists of small scale, modular units, typically grouped together to form a six module operation. 

Outputs & Income Streams:
The revenues produced from each output are a consequence of market conditions, but are also directly impacted by the following factors:

Gate Fees:
The total tonnage of material that can be accepted at the site is controlled by two factors. The general condition and state of preparedness and the moisture content of the incoming feedstock.

Renewable Electricity:
The process offers a more efficient generation of electricity than most, if not all of its competitors. The high quality fuel gas produced from the process can be fed to gas engines in order to produce large quantities of renewable electrical energy.

Renewable Heat: 
Unlike many of technologies, The process does not use its heat to create the quoted electrical energy.   Dependent upon local conditions, this presents a range of opportunities from which to generate further revenue.  

Carbon Char: 
Additional income is also available from onward sale of the solid carbon char.  Based on the annual process rates quoted in the examples above, the plant will produce over 11,000 tonnes of carbon char, per annum. The following list provides a number of opportunities for revenue generation from the carbon char.

-  Carbon as a Smokeless Fuel
-  Carbon as Activated Charcoal
-  Carbon as a Soil Improver
-  Carbon Sequestration
-  Carbon - Further Potential
-  Carbon for Remediation of Contaminated Land

Local Environmental Benefits:
In addition to the opportunity for multiple sources of income and the highest possible environmental credentials… The Pyrolysis Technology is almost inaudible in operation, creates no odour and has no airborne emissions.   The only point at which any emissions can occur is when the fuel gas is passed to a gas engine in order to produce electrical energy.