Reachfield Enterprise has developed LNG solutions for the marine industry that are dramatically reducing emissions on the water and in ports to comply with today’s stringent environmental requirements. The International Maritime Organization (IMO), the agency tasked with setting global standards for safety, security and environmental performance in global shipping, is committed to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

Bespoke fueling solutions that minimize onboard storage and deliver the optimized volume of natural gas to the ship’s engines.

• Complete project scope including engineering, manufacturing and commissioning

• Equipment includes cryogenic storage tanks, bunkering interface, vacuum insulated pipe and vaporizers

• Marine classification in accordance with internationally recognized codes, including DNV, LRS, BV, ABS & USCG

• Solutions for coastal and inland vessels – references include ferries, catamarans, tug boats, barges and work boats

• New builds or conversions

Reachfield Enterprise provides solutions for truck to ship and shore to ship bunkering. With Reachfield Enterprise’s truck-to-ship fueling solutions, LNG is delivered to the vessel from a cryogenic road trailer or mobile ISO unit. It is cost effective and extremely flexible as the same trucks and delivery system can be used to fuel other LNG vehicles in the port. Truck to ship fueling is particularly suited to tugboats, barges and smaller passenger vessels. It is also an ideal temporary solution while a permanent bunkering infrastructure is being developed. Reachfield Enterprise is a key player in many ancillary projects that are facilitating the use of clean burning natural gas in the marine sector.

• Port power solutions enable ships to use natural gas during port layovers, which is more economical for operators and provides huge environmental benefits for the local communities

• Reachfield Enterprise on-board vehicle tanks and fueling solutions have enabled multiple ports around the world to use natural gas powered service vehicles instead of traditional diesel

• Reachfield Enterprise’s brazed aluminum heat exchangers are integral to the world’s leading system for capturing boil-off gas on LNG carriers

• Reachfield Enterprise’s cryogenic ISO containers have been safely and efficiently delivering LNG by sea for years.