Reachfield Enterprise (Pty) Ltd Ventures focuses on early-stage investment opportunities using a mix of own funds and investor capital for equity in a myriad of industries.

We believe it is difficult to be in venture space if you haven’t walked in the shoes of a founder or entrepreneur, or been involved in building a company.

Reachfield Enterprise’s founder has been on this journey for 1 decade with experience gained from a healthy mix of startup successes and failures along the way.

Whilst not a pre-requisite, we aim to partner with founders in the early stage of their initiative and find comfort with the rough imperfection of a new venture (finding the shine of diamonds in the rough).

Reachfield Enterprise (Pty) Ltd Ventures aspires to help founders from the early stage when the genetics of their business is beginning to take form and we seek to grow the venture, ultimately creating sustainable value together.

Reachfield Enterprise (Pty) Ltd has adopted and embraced models and philosophies of successful equity partners and we invest in businesses led by people that we believe in. We believe in supporting talented people who demonstrate advanced sector expertise, pioneering thinking and a value set that aligns with our own.

From own funds sweat capital and strategic shareholding participation Reachfield Enterprise (Pty) Ltd would like to invest in the following:

- Hybrid Automotive

- Information Technology

- Energy Efficiency

- Alternative Fuels and Technologies

- Energy Storage

- Renewable energy

Show us a functioning business with people already in it. We’ll invest in that We work to identify, invest and enhance the value of great businesses.