VSI is an abbreviation for "Vapour Sequential Injection". This alternative fuel system is the most advanced vapour injection system available on the market. The VSI system is available in an LPG as well as a CNG version and is also suitable for the latest generation Direct Injection engines (VSI-DI). With the VSI system there is no difference with driving on petrol. With the VSI system Prins strives for optimal emission and cost reduction.

This VSI alternative fuel system is developed in close cooperation with Keihin Corp. of Japan, one of the world’s leading injector manufacturers and a name that stands for OEM quality and reliability.

The VSI system is fully integrated by way of a "master - slave" method with the vehicle ECU, making it (E)OBD compatible, therefore signal emulation is not required.

The key components of this alternative system are all of OEM quality and specially designed for LPG and CNG applications. All components comply with the strictest regulations and certifications. The installation of the components is very easy due to the compact design of the components.

The especially dedicated diagnostic software is unique and enables fine tuning the VSI system for optimal performance and emission reduction.

For the storage of the LPG or CNG are different tank options available.

The complete list of available VSI-2.0 DI systems and solutions are here for you to download.

Prins Dual Injection technology

The Prins VSI Dual Injection technology is the most innovative and reliable LPG System currently available. It’s unique and advance software strategy make that the system uses less than 5% petrol and is specially designed for those petrol engines that combine Multipoint Injection (MPI) and Direct Injection in one. The technology is available on products for a wide range of vehicles like 2017 Ford F150 3.5 V6 Ecoboost and VAG models 1.8/2.0 TFSI.

"We are pleased that our innovative Dual Injection technology has won this award at GasShow in Poland” said Bart van Aerle, Vice President, Prins. “Our Dual Injection technology is recognition of all our R&D efforts which have resulted in a reliable and high quality system with considerable emissions benefits and cost reductions.” This project was made possible by a contribution from the European Regional Development Fund - OP-Zuid.

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